Voice Over IP, (VoIP), it’s a phrase bandied around the market quite regularly, and a lot of businesses have utilised this technology for flexible communications and cost savings; however there are still a lot of companies still using ISDN / PSTN networks for their phone systems, but why should they change?

BT has announced plans to phase out ISDN / PSTN phone networks, with no more sales in 2020, and a proposed cut-off of the network in 2025. The world is fast
embracing IP-based phone systems, but why should you consider swapping before this proposed cut-off deadline? ISDN networks are out-dated, legacy technology, and BT intends to switch this network off by 2025. If your business isn’t currently using VoIP, it will need to be by that date, and we can help with this change-over.

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP is the latest phone line technology that enables a business to serve all of it’s phone system through an external data connection, rather than using fixed lines. This delivers clearer calls, more flexibility and usually a more affordable option to boot.

So what are the full benefits of a VoIP system?

Cost Savings

Utilising VoIP technology, you can have all of your data connections and phone lines on one line, meaning less line rentals, and usually less costs for your organisation.

Phone Number Portability

Because VoIP is attached to your IP Address, and not a physical phone line into a building, you can take your number wherever you need, whether you hot-desk around an office, a building or even different countries!

Greater Flexibility

All your phone lines engaged? With VoIP you can add as many lines as you need, or remove them quickly and easily. Perfect for fluctuating demand or rapid growth.

Disaster Recovery

VoIP also helps with disaster recovery, thanks to your phone system being IP Based, even if the worst happens, you can set-up in a new building and begin answering calls almost immediately.

We can offer a variety of Data Communication solutions, including a VoIP solution for your business.

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