Managed IT Support

Every business relies on computer systems for everyday tasks, but are you getting the best from yours?

When something goes wrong, it can cause untold problems for both your employees and your customers. No Emails, Internet Connectivity issues, lost data or inaccessible customer information can lead to missed sales and disgruntled customers.

Relying on an ad-hoc firefighting attitude towards problems with your IT systems can be detrimental to your business. A few hours without normal operating systems can have knock on effects to your whole business. Not to mention the stress of sourcing support and the unexpected cost.

It is common that in small or medium businesses it falls to one or two people, usually the ‘computer whizz’ in the office to look after the computers. Usually this person has other responsibilities that can suffer as they concentrate on IT rather than growing your business or maintaining customer relationships. By working with an MSP, you have an IT department with a team of engineers at your disposal – without the staffing and overhead costs.

Using proactive IT support from a local Managed Service Provider (MSP) allows you to concentrate on the core activities of your business giving you piece of mind that your systems are under control and being monitored 24/7 with qualified engineers ready to respond quickly if anything goes wrong. Backups are managed so should the worse happen you know that you can rely on your disaster recovery procedure to ensure you are quickly back to full operating levels with minimal disruption.

Dealing with third party software vendors can often be time consuming and complicated, allowing your provider to manage these relationships you can be confident that problems or upgrades will be quickly sorted.

From a business sense IT spend can be unpredictable; call out fees to fix a broken PC or server can be costly as well as spiral out of control. With a managed service, all your costs for support are in one monthly payment. This can include monitoring, remote, telephone and on-site support, AntiVirus, Anti Spam, Back Up and more. Price is dependent on users so is easily scalable for expanding businesses. Working with an MSP often has a direct impact on your bottom line, and can contribute to the company to become more successful.

Your business is important to you; you should be concentrating on building it rather than worrying about your IT systems. Outsourced IT support from an MSP allows you to do that with complete piece of mind.

At Wyvern Business Systems we pride ourselves on our modern MSP offering and have managed 100s of businesses IT for them since the 80s. From only a few users to hundreds our support packages are flexible to you.

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How we can help?

24 Hour Monitoring

Our monitoring solution ensures that your servers and workstations are perfoming as they should. Often we will have solved a problem before users have realised.


Utilising cloud management ensures your Managed Antivirus software is always up to date and constantly monitored.


Mail Protection is a reliable and scalable cloud based email protection service which is compatible with any email infrastructure.


Utilising both on-premise and online backup we can offer affordable, practical solutions to your backup needs.


Robust, flexible, easy to manage Web Protection and filtering that’s up and running in minutes

Mobile Management

Empowers employees – staff work quicker, more efficiently, more effectively and flexibly through devices of their choice, accessing company systems and data securely

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