With so many choices out there for email host platforms, which do you choose?

Given there are so many options out there for email hosting, with varying advantages and disadvantages for each, it is unsurprising that Microsoft’s Office 365 is considered to be one of the best options available. It is praised for both its functionality and its reliability, offering emails, cloud-file storage and sharing, web conferencing and much more besides.

If you are currently working, running or own a Charity, you may be surprised to know that you could be paying for a service you can actually get for free (or heavily discounted!).

So what is “Office 365”?

Office 365 is a term used in varying ways, but officially covers the platform that is Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint etc) as well as other cloud-based items, including email-hosting utilising Microsoft exchange.

If you would like further information on moving your emails and hosting to the Office 365 platform, whether as a non-profit organisation or as a for-profit company, then please just get in touch with us using our contact form.

For charities they have two offerings, the Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials is completely free per user, or the slightly more feature-rich version (Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium) for £2.30 per user, per month.

We break down the differences here;

The difference between the two Non-Profit versions

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For more information on how to get this as a charitable, Non-Profit organisation, please visit the Microsoft website, or speak to our Business Solutions team for more information on this or other related products and software.