Application Development

Do you have an idea for your business to make your work easier?

Thinking ‘there must be a way we can do this better?’

More spreadsheets than customers?

With our app development team we are able to come to you if you have an idea or a problem and discuss your needs and requirements, we talk through how you work and get an understanding of your business workflows and how they can be improved with a custom application.

We have worked with a variety of companies developing applications for a business need.

These include cloud based solutions where they are always on, always available to your staff. On premise database driven applications and a growing amount of smart phone apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. Of course some solutions involve all 3.

Here’s an example:

ABC inc have people in the field gaining leads on paper, they then report back at night the peoples details they have written down in an email to the office staff who then ring them to book an appointment, that appointment goes into a diary and the diary is sent to their sales staff.

The sales staff receive their diary for the next day and go to the appointments. However the client has informed the office that they can’t make the meeting so they have to call and change the date, meaning the sales man has to retrieve his diary to amend the information.

The meeting does eventually go ahead, but they client wants another meeting soon to confirm requirements,That lead is qualified and the office is informed via email that the sale will go ahead but they need another meeting however the office have already booked an appointment for that day so the appointment has to be rebooked..

The second meeting goes well and that customer is happy to proceed, the office staff are informed.

That customer is put on to an excel spreadsheet and given a customer number.

The service is provided and the customer is happy.

Your business may run similarly, but wouldn’t it be better if it went like this:

Field lead generator has an app on his android tablet, he takes the details of the prospective client and that information is immediately on the cloud based system, available for the office staff to ring back the same day while the client still has the idea fresh in their mind.

The appointment is booked on to a digital diary system, the sales staff have this as an app available on their smart phones, they can see in advance any appointments, book out days unavailable and set up meetings without the need for a phone call to the office or any clashing.

At meetings they can see all the clients information, any pre qualified questions allowing them to have an easier conversation with the client, they can show the product range if required to ensure the client is fully aware of the product set. For inexperienced sales staff you can have forms to be sure they have all the right information without looking unprofessional.

When the client is ready to order they can quickly add the requirements on to the system and the office staff can begin to process.

While the order is being progressed the client and sales staff can be updated on the progress via email automatically, this keeps a good dialogue between you and the client.

The service or equipment is provided and the customer is happy.

At the end of the month the management team can quickly see where the most leads have come from, most sales qualified, average margin or any required metric or KPI. This allows management to ensure they are targeting the right customers, in the right areas, and that they are seeing a good ROI.

Ongoing you want to retain clients so In 11 months time you wish to speak to every client who purchased the equipment or signed up to the service to inform them that they are approaching the end of the service agreement. The system gives your office staff a list of customers that had a particular service to call and try to extend, easily returning the correct data to allow your staff to be efficient and your business to be as profitable as possible.

This is just a simple example, why not speak to one of our team today to arrange a meeting where we can discuss how your business works and how a bespoke application can improve your performance and profit. Prices are comparable to off the shelf software but you don’t have to fit your business around them we’ll build your application around your business.

Speak to us now.

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