Isn’t it time you upgraded to a Wyvern Connect hosted phone system?

Thanks to the wide-scale availability of superfast broadband we’re all making productive use of the cloud for storing data and online applications and we do this without even realising it.

So why should it be any different for your voice communications?

Well, thanks to Wyvern Connect hosted, it isn’t. our system is a fully-featured, business-grade hosted telephone system that is easy to configure, requires no maintenance and takes the support burden away from your IT team. Local administrators can manage and configure the system according to your organisation’s needs and employees can then manage their calls easily and effectively, which helps maximise individual productivity.

The system combines handsets from several manufacturers, an easy-to-use web interface and the power of the world’s leading communications platform.

The benefits of a Hosted Phone system

  • Save money and work smarter with fixed and mobile integration
  • Save money and improve interoperability between your mobiles and your fixed telephones with extremely competitive on-net rates over a business-grade network
  • It’s ideal for home and flexible working
  • Perfect for homeworkers or staff who need to work from different locations. Wyvern Connect hosted makes flexible working truly flexible
  • It’s future proof – get new features immediately
  • You get new features the instant we release them. Wyvern Connect hosted is already feature-rich and comes with a roadmap towards true unified communications
  • One supplier – end-to-end – makes your life easier
  • We provide everything from handset to core network access, on-site installation to training and help guide, saving you time and hassle
  • Multi-site deployment – only one system to buy
  • It’s ideal for multi-site organisations and flexible working – you only need buy one system
  • Highly reliable and scalable with support wrap

Wyvern Connect Hosted is a highly reliable and scalable system. We provide full support including training, number porting, provisioning and assistance giving you complete peace of mind.