When it comes to keeping your business’s IT systems safe, prevention is better than cure. To keep your infrastructure secure it helps to know about the possible threats, so they can be avoided. Here are our top 5 threats and how you can protect yourself from them:


5. Spam

These days we all rely heavily on emails, meaning spam can easily have an adverse affect on everyday business. Users receiving spam have to spend time sifting through and removing these items. This causes inconvenience and lost productivity. These spam emails usually contain a bigger risk too; directing users to suspicious websites or containing viruses and malware. A directed denial-of-service spam attack can even bring down a company’s mail server, easily overwhelming it with a high volume of suspicious mail.

A spam filter can be easily implemented to filter all malicious email before it reaches the company mail server. Ideally this would sit outside the network to protect it from denial-of-service attacks.


4. The Internet

Users face new threats everyday on the internet. Websites hosting viruses and malware and phishing websites attempting to steal data are just a click away. Businesses are also at risk from data loss, reduced productivity, strained bandwidth and liability.

A web filter can ensure that users are safe online and that the internet is being used appropriately at all times. Also enabling the business to easily monitor and report on usage and bandwidth.


3. Data/Systems Loss

Loss of integral business data and/or systems has a critical affect on a business, the more serious losses can even bring a company’s survival into question. These losses can be due to user error, hardware failure or virus/malware infection. These can result in lost productivity and even permanent data loss.

All businesses, no matter what size, need to ensure they have an adequate back-up and disaster recovery plan. To make certain that they can adequately recover from any loss, no matter how big or small.


2. Viruses & Malware

Viruses and malware are a constant battle in all IT environments. They can range from annoying pop-ups to major, crippling programs, like Cryptolocker. These can affect a businesses with a slight inconvenience and productivity loss, or a major data loss resulting in a cease in trading. Every single person with a computer has probably experienced having a virus/malware at some point. They can also come from anywhere; the Internet, in emails or user’s personal devices such as laptops and USB storage drives.

Anti-virus and anti-malware software is vital to ensure protection. Suitable monitoring is also required to ensure this software is performing as it should and constantly up to date. Ensuring that threats are monitored and dealt with accordingly when detecting.


1. Users

Unfortunately one of the biggest risks to your IT systems are the business’s users themselves. Users like to click links, visit numerous websites, bring in personal devices and USB sticks. They are also human, so unfortunately occasionally make mistakes such as deleting vital company data and opening emails from unknown users. Of course, this is through no fault of their own. Users have varying levels of IT understanding and security awareness.

The best way to help your users is to remove the need for them to worry about IT threats by ensuring adequate protection and recovery procedures are in place. By combining all the previous threat prevention tools you can make certain that users are less likely to put the business at risk, and if they do there is a simple restoration strategy in place.


Ensuring you business is fully prepared for the threats to it’s IT systems will help to increase productivity, saving your company both time and money. The peace of mind that your infrastructure is secure will allow you to focus solely on the running of the business.