Your business’s data and security should be your number one priority. We help you by making it ours.

Here’s how we do that as part of our Managed Support Package…


Managed Anti Virus

Antivirus is still the first line of defence in protecting your business and your IT systems against security risks. Our Managed Antivirus product is based on award winning VIPRE Enterprise Software which will ensure you are fully protected from viruses, malware and other internet security threats, without slowing your computer down.

Utilising cloud management ensures your Managed Antivirus software is always up to date and constantly monitored. Alerting us to threats immediately as they are captured and quarantined by the software, and allowing us to remotely remediate any risks.

Benefits of Managed Antivirus:

–        Automated Deployment

–        Proactive On-access Protection

–        Monitored and Managed Remotely

–        Antivirus Reports

Managed Antivirus also comes with a guarantee from VIPRE. They are so confident that it will keep you protected from threats, that in the event that you do get a malware infection when using it VIPRE technicians will carry out a full remediation at no cost.


Back Up

Backup is still an essential requirement for all businesses, whatever the size. We rely on our systems and data so much, that if something goes wrong we need to feel confident that we can retrieve it. At Wyvern we can assess your needs and offer the suitable solution to ensure your company is fully protected.

Utilising both on-premise and online backup we can offer affordable, practical solutions to your backup needs. To ensure continual protection and provide peace-of-mind, the backup is constantly monitored. Any backup problems are automatically detected and can then be quickly resolved remotely. This ensures that if you do need to access your backup, then it includes the latest and correct data.

Why you should be using both on-premise and online backup:

–        Your data is safe – Two backup locations are better than one

–        More reliable – If your internet connection was down or your local backup device failed the other backup would still run

–        Speed of data retrieval – If you need to recover data fast you can use your onsite backup to do this

–        Disaster recovery – If a disaster were to occur which affected all of your onsite equipment you would still have a backup online


Mail Protection

Mail Protection is a reliable and scalable cloud based email protection service which is compatible with any email infrastructure. Our Mail Protection service scans all incoming and outgoing email using the latest antivirus and spam protection technology to ensure any potentially malicious email is stopped.

The service also provides added continuity to your company. Allowing you to access the cloud based control panel to view, reply and send new emails if your own email infrastructure is unavailable.

Benefits of Mail Protection:

–        Cloud based – No hardware or software to download/install/maintain

–        Threats stopped before they reach email infrastructure – Reducing bandwidth usage and email server load

–        Robust spam and virus protection, including protection from “zero hour” threats

–        Easy to use

Benefits of using Mail Protection vs an on-premise solution:

–        Protects your email server from flood attacks (denial-of-service)

–        Reduces strain on company internet connection (only filtered email is downloaded).

–        Continuity and disaster recovery backup – If your email server is down or unavailable users can access Mail Protection to view, reply and send new emails.

Mail protection can also be used as a compliance tool by using the additional archiving feature. All emails to and from the organisation can be retained from 3 month to 10 years and are stored in a secure, encrypted environment.

We can help you ensure your business is protected.

Contact us today to see how.

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