After years of waiting and rumours, Microsoft have finally released a collection of Office Apps for iPad. Apple tablet users can now download Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apps to view and edit documents on the move. The Apps are already dominating the Apple App Store charts.

What does this mean for my business?

If your business hasn’t been thinking about Office 365, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobile workers and mobile device management already, then now is definitely the time to begin these discussions. Enabling your users to become remote workers can be of great benefit to your business. But there are also risks that go along with this.

How can this help my business?

Allowing users to work remotely can increase productivity and ensure ipad365appstoredeadlines are met on time. By embracing the Office 365 subscription model you can offer your employees licenses to use the Office mobile apps on their own devices. By teaming this with Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business you can ensure that company documents are both always available and secure.

What are the risks to my business?

Now more than ever, businesses are finding that if they are not providing their workers with the ability to work remotely, then the users are finding their own way.

Using tools such as Dropbox and Evernote users are circumventing the company infrastructure and moving their work files into personal apps.

This poses a threat to the business. The company loses the control of company files. Risking sensitive data loss with no centralised control.

The release of Office for iPad will only increase this risk to your business.

You need to ensure that you embrace BYOD and remote working. Ensuring that it is carried out in a controlled manner based on company policy.
What can I do?

There are a number of things you can do to ensure your business reaps the benefits of mobile working without suffering any of the risks.

Create Company Policies – Work with your users on what they require in regards to remote working and create policies to make this strategy clear.

Embrace New Technologies – Moving to an Office 365 subscription model and embracing Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business will allow you to stay in complete control of your data whilst allowing your staff to work remotely.

Implement Mobile Device Management – Allowing you to remotely monitor users devices. Enabling you to track locations and remotely wipe devices should they become lost.

If you require any assistance with BYOD, remote working and mobile device management Wyvern Business Systems can help. We have already migrated a number of clients over to Office 365, allowing them to fully utilise the benefits whilst ensuring they are not at risk.

If you have any questions do feel free to drop us an email or a tweet us at @wbsteam