Our new free and secure file sharing service.

We have all experienced the limitations of traditional email. The frustration of not being able to attach large files and easily send them across the internet.

To resolve this issue we are launching our new free service, Wyvern SendIt. The SendIt service allows anyone to send large files to any email address, quickly and securely.

  • Transfer large files – Transfer up to 5GB of files in a single transfer. With a maximum file size of 2GB.
  • Tracking – Keep updated with notifications about when someone receives the files you have sent.
  • Anytime, anywhere access – Can be used from any device and any browser. No software required.
  • Secure – All communication is encrypted with SSL and TLS encryption protocols. All files are also secured with AES 256-bit encryption before being stored at the service.
  • Simple – Easy to sign up and use for free with no obligation.

Take advantage of our free Wyvern SendIt service

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