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We help a wide range of companies on a daily basis via our support services.
In 2015 we’ll continue to help businesses to grow, but we want to help more and we understand that people may often just have a quick question to ask, thats why we’ve decided to open up our support to our social media followers.

tech question

Have a question such as:

What mobile phone works best for business?
I’ve heard about cloud, how can it help my business?
How can I get better Wi-Fi?
Should I be worried about X?
I get a lot of spam, what can I do?
How can I restrict my employees web usage?

Why are you doing this, is it just to get me to buy something?


At Wyvern we like to help businesses, particularly locally but also nationwide. By offering advice, yes we hope that you’ll consider us for future purchases but its not a prerequisite. We’ll drop you an email explaining an answer and how you can achieve what you are looking to do. You can then investigate this further yourself, speak to your current IT provider about implementing the solution or we can help you.

Secondly, we are writing more and more help guides to present on our website, if we think your question will help others in their business we’ll write up the answer and provide it to the community, with your permission, we can do this anonymously or mentioning you so that you can boost your profile.

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